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10 Summer/Holiday Travel Tips

From a seasoned traveler to a newbie here are some helpful tips from the personal injury attorneys at Mestemaker & Straub that could help you on road trip.

Travel Tips:

  1. Always tell someone back home where you are going and who will be with.

  2. Email yourself your entire itinerary.

  3. Make photocopies of all important documents and of what you are packing. This is crucial for if anything or everything goes missing you will know what you had.

  4. Have your vehicle inspected before a long road trip.

  5. Pack plenty of water and a first ad kit.

  6. Call your credit card companies and let them know your travel plans.

  7. Back everything up. Do this every night when you get back to your room. You never know when the unexpected will happen.

  8. Always pack a towel or sarong. It is always an extremely handy item for every trip no matter what your travel plans are.

  9. When checking into a hotel, always ask for an upgrade. Most of the time if they have accommodations they will do it for you.

  10. Take a trip to the tourism office. This is a great resource to find out what is happening at that time and you can find free activities or special events that are happening during your stay.

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