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Bicycle Accidents can Result in Severe Injury

Being the victim of a Bicycle Accident can be very serious, mainly because cyclists are exposed to harsh elements such as asphalt, concrete and metal.  Furthermore, the likelihood of a serious injury in a bicycle and automobile related crash is very high. Any collision or fall suffered while riding a bike has the potential to be severe or even fatal.  From scrapes and cuts, to broken bones, to head trauma, the consequences of suffering an injury while cycling can be lasting and permanent.

This is particularly true when a cyclist suffers a severe head injury during an accident.  A traumatic brain injury can occur when the brain experiences a sudden physical impact, such as the type of impact a cyclist can sustain in a collision or fall.  Cyclists who have suffered a closed head injury during an accident or fall can experience headaches, difficulty with focusing on or completing tasks, fatigue, changes in personality or energy level, and more.

The Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Mestemaker and Straub and have extensive experience handling cases in which our clients have suffered a full range of injuries which occur from bicycle accidents, including but not limited to severe personal injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injury and even death.

Our attorneys understand the challenges associated with litigating complex personal injury cases, and can provide the legal experience and skill necessary to obtain the maximum compensation for any injury suffered by you or a loved one.

The Houston Personal Injury Lawyers at Mestemaker and Straub understand the stress and pain a personal injury can cause. We have extensive experience helping victims of life-altering accidents in Houston, Texas. We know that physical pain is just one of the outcomes of a serious accident. We are committed to obtaining compensation to help you cope with the financial and emotional consequences as well.  If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of someone else's careless then contact us today.

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