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Man Sues Bar over Finger Injury

Winston Martin is the man suing a bar close to the University of Oregon for $3.75 million dollars. Martin filed the lawsuit claiming the injury has left him unable to have a chance for a "lucrative career” in music and medicine.

Allegedly, the bartender at Max’s Tavern asked Martin to help him separate a shaker that was stuck.

The shaker was metal on one end and a pint cup made of glass on the other end. When Martin helped get the shaker loose was when the pint glass shattered and Martin severely cut his left hand. Martin went to the emergency room immediately and received several stitches in his left hand.

The extreme and bizarre injury caused his left index finger to lose all sensation and he has since not fully regained feeling.

The bartender claims he served Martin six drinks before the incident happened. The attorney representing Max’s Tavern has decided not to comment on the lawsuit.

Martin stated that he can no longer play the guitar due to the injury. He also claims that he will have to reconsider medical school as well. This is his reasoning he is seeking $3.75 million dollars.

The Register-Guard reported, "Martin went to a hospital after the incident and received several stitches in his left hand. The injury caused him to lose sensation in his left index finger and he only has regained minimal sensation in the digit since then, the suit says."

It is not confirmed that Martin was a student at the University or if he was in a band.

The suit is still underway.

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