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Tree Accident Kills Houston Woman

A Tree Accident has claimed the life of a Houston mother. The woman was found in the north-east part of Houston lying on her driveway with the tree limb over her head. Apparently, her young son watched the horrific incident happen.

He tried to wake her up because he did not realize she died instantly. The boy had minor injuries indicating that the tree limb hit him as well leading to a tree injury. After the tree accident, The boy, not knowing what to do, went to school and was able to tell someone what happened. He was in a state of shock and received medical care for his injuries and psychological treatment.

The woman, 52-year-old Kathy Bottera, was found by her neighbor when he was leaving his house that morning. This tragic accident happened back in May of 2014. There was a storm happening which is what caused the limb to break off and fall.

Objects falling from the sky are a real threat. Everyone wants to keep their families safe. However, many do not realize the dangers that are directly above them. There are roughly 700 people that die every year from falling objects. In the United States a person is 100 times more likely to die a violent death from a falling object than by a terrorist attack.

This is the reason tree trimming is very important. It not only makes them healthy, but also makes them safe. Trimming dead branches or useless branches will not only prevent falling limbs, but also lessen the risk of fire. Removing dead branches and other parts of the tree allow the tree to use its resources on new growth. If there is dead and decaying matter on the tree it will use it resources to fight off disease and the pests.


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