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Wrongful Death lawsuit filed in woman's fatal fall at Oculus

The mother of the woman that fell from the escalator at the World Trade Center Oculus has filed a lawsuit against the security company, Allied Universal Security Services, and the Port Authority of New York. The decision to file suit was not made until the mother of Jenny Santos reviewed the surveillance tapes and determined that there was direct evidence that her daughters’ death could have been prevented.

The surveillance tapes indicate that there was a guard that witnessed Jenny entering a dangerous opening after the guard refused to help her. The suit is for wrongful death due to negligence, carelessness, and recklessness against the Port Authority of New York. There is also a suit filed against the security company holding them accountable for negligent in inspection, hiring, training, supervision, and staffing.

Jenny Santos was with her twin sister the day of her fatal fall. She was trying to retrieve her twin sister’s hat when she plunged to her death. Jenny was only 29 years old. The escalator that she fell from hovers three stories above an opened space. The safety of this $4.4 billion-dollar transportation center is in question.

There are believed to be roughly 200,000 people that use the transportation hub every day. The handrails at the transport center are not high enough making this very unsafe. The cost to make the simple change to a higher handrail inexpensive. One expert said that it would cost around $5,000 to change out the railings.

This is not the only instance where changes to a structure of this nature could have prevented a fatal fall. The trial has reached the Supreme Court in New York and is still underway.

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